“What Our Clients Say …”

I have been a client of this law firm, Eugene Lye & Co for a very long time. The lawyer here is Christina San, classmate of mine from since Primary School at St Mary’s KL.
She has excellent track record, is meticulous and is able to provide excellent advice on all conveyancing needs ranging from individuals to large corporations.
She is objective in her advice and invariably provided solutions to many of her clients even with complicated situations.
I highly recommend her services to all my friends and relatives as well.
For those who have experienced her good services, please feel free to provide your support with your comments below.
I write this in appreciation for her services and help rendered to me and so many of her appreciative clients, some of whom are only able to converse in dialects.
Thanks, Chris and thank you, my friends, for your time to read this.
– Steph EH Gan
They have been providing excellent service for all my conveyancing cases for the past 7 years. Very attentive and informative.
– Shanmugavela Santhrasegaran

Great lawyer, helped solved my problems and explained things to me in simple terms.
– Kelly Leong

Chris San is a very professional lawyer very attentive and informative.
– Shirley Chan

My Most Attentive and very much professional Lawyer.
– Ah De Yow